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The company

YTES is a consulting agency specialized in European funding. YTES was founded in February 2005 in Lille, close to Brussels, by Alexandra Debaisieux. In 2007, a second office was opened in Strasbourg. Since 2014, YTES also operates in the Indian Ocean thanks to our regional representation in La Réunion.
YTES comes from the Finnish word « yhteys » which means “link”. For us, developing a European project and receiving funding for its realization means creating links and synergies between different European actors of all kinds in order to support their complementarity and their capacity to work together.
Since 2011, we also advise charities for the development of corporate fundraising strategies.
YTES in figures :

YTES has worked on projects involving up to 20 partners, its network extends beyond the 28 Member states all the way to Asian and African countries (Cambodia, Vietnam, The Maldive Islands, Benin, Ivory Coast,…).

The European subsidies obtained for these projects range from 23 000€ for smaller projects to several million euros for large infrastructural projects. Since its foundation, the agency has doubled its turnover each year.