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Project development, grant writing and project management

We are experienced on the majority of thematic areas funded by the European Union, whether they are funded by thematic action programs (hundreds: Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Horizon 2020,…) or structural and investment funds (ERDF/ESF/EARDF).

Depending on your needs, we can assist you on all or part of your project.

Please contact us in order to have more information on the way we can assist you.

They have worked with us:
  • Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais (Lille)
    YTES is part of the pool of consultants for the FRAPPE (Regional fund for the support of European project leaders), which makes it possible that all kinds of project leaders can access consulting for writing their project proposal for Interreg and thematic action programs in different fields (education, youth, ICT, health, international cooperation, environment,…). Since 2006, over thirty project leaders have been advised by YTES.
  • General Council Gironde (Bordeaux)
    From 2011 to 2013, YTES advised the Gironde General Council on writing the project proposal and management of the European projects Mac Eau, concerning awareness raising on water consumption (LIFE+ program) and E-Coop, concerning digital cooperatives (INTERRREG IVC). Since 2011, YTES has advised the Gironde General Council in funding research, bid writing, management and evaluation of European projects in a framework contract.
  • World Agency for digital solidarity (Lyon)
    writing a proposal for a project aiming to create a network of European key actors for digital solidarity within the programme Co-financing with non-governmental development organisations.
  • World Café Europe (Munich, Germany)
    writing a proposal for a project aiming to organize six participative dialogues concerning active ageing in six European countries within the Europe for Citizens program.
  • Alsace Connexia (Strasbourg)
    (subsidiary of SFR) writing project proposals submitted to the ERDF regarding the connection of economic activity zones of several Alsatian municipality associations to broadband internet.
  • Clinical Center William Morey (Chalon-sur-Saône)
    writing a project proposal to the ERDF regarding the installation of a digital clinical information system.
  • British Waterways (Watford, UK)
    writing a project proposal to the INTERREG IV B North West Europe program regarding the valorization of secondary waterways via ICT.
  • La Maison de l’Emploi de Strasbourg
    assistance in the development of intermediary and final reports for the European Social Fund for 5 projects in entrepreneurship, green economy, social economy, harbors and industries.


To see all our references, download our document of expertise.